The Importance of the Right Approach to Teaching in Preschool

Most parents in Singapore are wary of putting their infants in a preschool because they are afraid of how they would be disciplined or the amount of stress put on them to perform. While these are valid reasons to worry about, if you choose a good preschool in Singapore they would use the right approach which encourages your child to learn and grow to be a confident person.

What is the right approach?

Responsive and caring teachers and caretakers

The teacher or the caretaker is the most important person because the approach totally depends on his or her attitude. A child who is constantly scolded and disciplined, not encouraged to share opinions, whose opinions are not considered or valued and only asked to follow a set standard of what is acceptable and what isnt, will be unwilling to go to preschool, and will face severe setback in overall growth. So even if the school has a curriculum that seems good, if the caretaker is not caring, encouraging, empathetic, the child will learn to fear school.

Integrated learning

A child goes to preschool to learn shapes, numbers, colours and alphabet; develop fine and gross motor skills; social skills and a sense of independence. That is a lot of things to learn and if the approach to teaching isnt conducive, a child will be stressed. Integrated learning connects some basic learning points together in a fun and creative way. This encourages the child to develop the essential skills with regular learning. Projects, plays, using music in the learning process are some of the ways of making integrated learning fun and creative.

How does it impact the child?

If the curriculum and the teachers main aim is the childs learning rather than his/her performance, the child will actually perform better because he/she will thrive in that environment. He/she will learn and grow to be a confident, independent person. If the preschool in Singapore welcomes and encourages students from all nationalities to be a part of it, the diversity will teach the child to be more accepting of others and be empathetic.

A good preschool will help define your childs personality, enhance his/her natural talent, school before he goes to child care singapore . It is also seen that when a child is disciplined in the least harmful way in a happy environment, a child is much likely to listen and be less stubborn.

More information on types of child care can be found here on wikipedia.