Things Your Child Should Be Learning in Preschool

Why is preschool important?

Preschool is the place where your child goes to learn the basics before he enters the world of the first and second grade. A child’s preschool is the building blocks of the child’s mental, emotional, physical, cognitive and intellectual development. At preschool, the child does not just learn the basics in English, science and mathematics and other important subjects, but also learns some creative arts like singing and dancing, music and theater, which will help develop the child’s creative abilities as well.

Personality development

Children will also learn to develop their personality, self-esteem, and ego in Playgroup. They will interact with other children of their own age and learn how to communicate and understand other kids. They will develop good habits like being clean and responsible as well as organized and careful with their belongings. Your child will also help establish a positive self-esteem about himself.

Even if the child makes mistakes, it doesn’t matter. The teacher should encourage the child to pick himself up, dust himself off and go on with his activities as if nothing happened. This way the child will learn to correct himself rather than having other people correct him all the time. Children who are corrected all the time for their mistakes grow up to be very shy and introverted and do not develop strong, positive and outgoing personalities.

Numbers and letters

Every child will learn the basics of their ABCs and 123s at preschool. They will learn to read and write all the 26 alphabets in the uppercase and lowercase. They will be given pencils to write out the letters and numbers and not pens. They will also learn how to write their own names and simple words, as well as form simple sentences using the letters and numbers.

They will also learn the connection between the letters and the sounds of the letters and numbers and will have to undergo multiple exercises to master the art of reading, writing and sounding the letters and numbers. They will learn how to count numbers from 1 to 10 or maybe up to a 100. They will also learn the basic multiplication tables.

Objects, colors, and shapes

The child will be given multiple types of objects of different shapes, sizes, and colors and will have to identify the objects like pencils, boxes, play toys and other things. They will also indulge in cutting, drawing, sketching and painting activities to develop their motor skills and good hand-eye coordination.

Preschools in Singapore organize fun playgroups for the children to learn all these things and much more at their first preschool.